15 Invitation Trends for 2015

  1. Make your Names Big

    Don’t be shy. Make your name the focal point of the invitation and make it BIG! You can make an even bigger splash by opting to use only your first names (at least for the display font).  
  2. Let Bright Colors Shine

    If you’ve seen the Birdhaus color palette, you know we love bright, poppy colors. If it fits your theme, go bright! It’s not only refreshing, but it will make your invitations something you and your guests won’t soon forget.
  3. Mute your Hues

    Don’t get us wrong – we love a soft color palette almost as much as bright. Each have their own place, and we bet you think muted hues are perfect for your wedding. So tone down the saturation if you’re thinking romantic or vintage.
  4. Say Yes to Textured Papers

    We can’t stress enough the importance of high-quality paper stock. Many vendors offer the option to upgrade your papers – if you have some wiggle room in your budget, a nice paper will surely take your invitations to the next level. We believe this so much that our base paper stock is a nice, thick, textured one – no need to spend extra on an upgrade.  
  5. Minimize the Frills

    We think the days of 5-piece, fancy folded, lace-glued invitations are over. Simplicity is our middle name. Keep it simple. Keep it classy. And minimal frills means minimal cost. 
  6. Mix & Match Envelope Colors

    With the plethora of delightful envelope colors out there, why pick just one? If you’re using two envelopes in your suite, try using complementary colors. It adds visual interest and an element of surprise for your invitees.
  7. Skip the Inner Envelope

    Better yet, ditch the inner envelope all together and include a reply postcard. In the Birdhaus Collection, this our standard. It costs less and just as nice as a regular reply card. And did we mention we like keeping it simple?
  8. Size matters

    At Birdhaus we have standards – size standards, that is. All of our invitations are 5x7 inches (A7) and our reply postcards and reception cards are 3.5x5 inches.  Why? They’re simple to mail, easy to assemble and look great on display so your guests don't forget your big day!  This is our norm, but that doesn't mean you can't mix it up a bit. Our custom invites encourage you to think outside of the box!
  9. Mix fun with formal

    Fun wording and formal design? Or formal design with a fun tone? Mix and match to let your invites speak to your personality as a couple.
  10. Calligraphy never goes out of style

    The perfect combination of beautiful artwork with writing, calligraphy is an age old tradition that will never go out of style. With so many variations and one of kind looks, calligraphy will take your invitations to the next level while giving your guests that personal touch and beauty all invitations should have.
  11. Stamp it out

    The Birdhaus Survey says the worst part about wedding invitations is addressing them. A fun tool to add to your wedding arsenal is a personalized return address stamp showing off your new name and perhaps a new address. The best part of the stamp is you can use it for years to come!

    Many brides-to-be are taking a DIY approach to invitations, especially on Save the Dates. Consider creating your design to be a rubber stamp– each stamp creates a unique look and feel to the invitation and offers a more casual approach that looks fantastic paired with different paper types and colors.   
  12. Line them Up

    Really want a wow factor for your big day...two words, envelope liners. There is no reason your envelope should be boring, it is just as much a part of your invitations as the pieces sealed inside. Liners are a perfect way to tie in a little extra bit of color, textures, and patterns without over- doing it. The perfect little surprise and take your invites to a whole new level your guests will love!
  13. Rose Gold

    You probably saw gold foil take over in 2014, but rose gold is making a big appearance in wedding trends across the board, and we’re here to tell you it’s going to make a splash in the invitation world as well, including the popular foil technique.
  14. Wrap it Up

    Tying it all together is one of the most rewarding parts of the invitation process! Don’t forget to spend some time thinking about how you’d like to package your pieces. Traditional twine? Baker’s twine? Ribbon? Paper band with a monogram sticker? All great possibilities.
  15. It Doesn’t End There

    Invitations are not the only printed material you’ll need to celebrate! From programs to table numbers, menus to party favors there are other little details that so easily get pushed off till the very last minute. By thinking ahead, not only will you there will be no last minute trips to the party store, but you can rest assured every detail will create a beautiful cohesive design of your dreams.

We are currently accepting custom projects for 2015.

If you’re interested in working with Birdhaus Co for your wedding or special event invitations, drop us note and we’ll send you our custom project information.

Birdhaus Co. in Brooklyn


It’s been a few (okay maybe slightly more) weeks since I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Nearly Impossible conference in Brooklyn, New York. It was so exciting to be in a room filled with small business owners, makers, designers, writers, thinkers. Very few people pulled their laptops out — this was a pencil and paper crowd. The group was filled with self-starters. People who care. People who give it all they got. And I was so excited to be included in that group. So here goes the recap.


Jeff Raider of Harry’s

“Be real and accessible with your customers”

Harry’s is a company that aims to disrupt the men’s shaving market. And their business values are seemingly simple:

  • High quality product

  • Clean design

  • Accessible pricing

  • They “give a shave”

We could happily relate: we want to make wedding invitations that are high quality, nicely designed, at the right price point. Harry’s offers a limited number of products, as to focus on making their collection as good as it can be. We hope to do the same — quality over quantity.


Chay Costello of MoMA Design Store

“Partnerships should be similar enough to make sense, yet different enough to be interesting”

Chay talked about the importance of partnerships, especially in an ever-connected world. MoMA recently partnered with Kickstarter, a crowdfunding website that produces incredibly unique products. This was a perfect fit for MoMA, but nevertheless seems interesting because one may not have expected a tech-savvy crowdfunding site to partner with a high-design curator. Similar yet different = successful partnership.

Chay’s talk has me thinking about who would make a great partner for Birdhaus. Could it be you?


Product Photography Panel

“We’re dealing with a whole different internet than when we started”

A couple of the panelists talked about how they use social media for their brands. Here’s the breakdown that made the most sense to me:

  • Instagram is used best for behind-the-scenes shots
  • Facebook is used best for larger promotional items (announcements, product releases, etc.)
  • Twitter is used best for sharing links, articles, your inspiration, smaller bits of information


Nicole Fenton | Copywriting Workshop

“You want hearts not eyeballs”

Nicole took us through some really great exercises that helped us uncover the stories and personalities behind our companies. For one exercise, Nicole had us write down “voice attributes” or words that come to mind when we think of our company's personality.

I wrote down these “voice attributes” for Birdhaus Co:

  • down to earth

  • goofy

  • happy

  • friendly  


Kyle Andrew of Kate Spade Saturday

“Envision your company’s future”

The moment Kyle Andrew spoke, you knew she was a branding queen. Kyle spoke about crafting your brand ideology, brand future, brand promise, and enabling creative guardrails. My favorite of those was the brand future, or “envisioned” future. She called us to create a long term goal for our companies – this is good for you, your partners and employees. It gives everyone an idea to get behind, a purpose to keep going. Create a vivid picture of what your company looks like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years and even beyond that.


Pop-up Shop Panel

“Host an event and it will make your brand feel larger”

Michelle Kohanzo made us all want to be kids again (or at least work for Land Of Nod, where she’s the art director). She spoke about their pop-up shop, which took the form of a baby blue bus that they drove across country, stopping to “pop-up” in various cities. Sign me up.


Borrowing Panel

“Ask for feedback then tell them how you used it”

This panel touched on different financial solutions for starting a business, from small business loans to utilizing Kickstarter. One thing I took away from this panel was to involve your audience in the process of building your product or business. Do a little research, ask them questions, and then present their input back to them—show them how they really did influence your business. Customers enjoy being a part of your process. (Related: we're trying to do this by gathering information from our surveys. This post talks more about that.)


Nathan Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

“You’re never and always ready”

I was so excited to see Nathan Bond speak. Heather and I are big fans of the bright, fun, illustrative work of Rifle Paper Co., so I couldn’t wait to hear all about their story. Here are a few points I took away: 

  • Listen to the market and stay flexible with your products. Constantly reevaluate what you do and make.

  • A great product is the best marketing

  • You’re never and always ready ( just go for it)



Vanessa Holden of west elm

“Write down your founding story”

Vanessa Holden wrapped up the day with a bookend brand talk focused on story. She urged us all to write down our founding stories (future blog post, anyone?), and to allow room for awesome growth in the future (full circle: envisioned future mentioned above). She mentioned it’s important to have a brand story, but not necessarily just ONE story. Having just one version of your story can box you in and you’ll start to think smaller. Have a story, but let it evolve. When you have a compelling story, your customers will become ambassadors for your company. Instead of saying “listen to us”, say “join us.”

So I invite you to JOIN US as we create the Birdhaus Co. journey. Thanks for reading.

Survey Time!

Happy day, lovebirds!

We’re excited to ask you for some of your input. If you recently got married or engaged, we want to hear all about your wedding invitation experience (for those who have gone through it) or your invitation expectations (for those of you who are engaged).

We’re dedicated to making Birdhaus Co. the most fun & friendly one-stop-shop for checking the wedding invitation box off your planning list. We don’t want to be one more vendor that you have to wrangle, but your friend and advisor who will tell you what’s up so you don’t have to fret.

In order to do that, we want to know what you loved and hated about the invitation process. Too many options? Too few? Just one more thing to schedule an appointment for? Unhappy with the final quality?

We’ve created two surveys for the newlywed and current brides-to-be (or grooms!). We would be overjoyed if you took a few minutes to participate. The surveys are 10 easy questions. We’ll compile the feedback and report back on what we found out and how you’re helping us become the best we can be!

Newlywed Survey

Bride-to-Be Survey


Thanks in advance,


Introducing Birdhaus Co.

Hallo, friends! Annette here, to tell you a bit about Birdhaus Co. We’re a brand new little shop born out of the hope to make great wedding stuff—think invitations, menus, programs, social media announcements...the sky is the limit!

Our goal is to set a new standard for wedding invitations by providing a high-quality product and great design at an affordable price. In a day where wedding costs are through the roof, we want to make great wedding design accessible to more couples.

My partner Heather Germann and I are currently creating our curated Spring collection for release in January 2015. In the meantime, we are taking on custom projects for those couples who have a specific vision for their wedding pieces. We'd love to hear from you. Fill our our contact form or drop us a line at hallo@madebybirdhaus.co