The Anatomy of a Wedding Invitation Suite

Wondering what pieces go into your wedding invitation “suite”? This is the list for you!

The invitation

This is the main event! The piece you need, if nothing else. This card is usually a 5 x 7 inch vertical or horizontal piece that has all the information that your guests should know about your wedding. The “who, what, when, and where” ... (we probably know already know the “why!”)  Some optional things to put on this card are the following: attire description, adult occasion indication, event to follow the ceremony (ie: reception to follow, cocktail hour to follow, dinner and dancing to follow...). 

The rsvp card

Your RSVP card is almost as important as your invitation. This is how you’ll find out who the heck is coming to this party! And I’ll tell you from experience, online RSVPs may seem like a convenient way to collect this info, but we’re not quite there yet with the oldest generation (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down). Most people understand a paper RSVP — it’s a tried and true method that has been used for decades. This card is typically 3.5 x 5 inches and fits into what’s called a “4 bar” envelope (see below). You can also make your RSVP card a bit larger if you have a lot of info you’d like to convey on this card. 

The rsvp envelope

Rsvp envelopes are included in the suite so your guest can mail their RSVP card back. Don’t forget to have these pre-addressed and stamped so your guests can easily drop it in the mail. Ask your stationer or calligrapher to add this addressing service on. You’ll want it to match your outer envelope addressing style. 

The details card 

Ahh, the details card. The glorious catch-all. Most couples put their reception information (venue, address, reception/cocktail hour starting time) on this card. But what else can you include? If space allows, accommodations info, website, map, parking or shuttle details are all valid. Just leave off comments about your registry. Putting your website is a good enough indication to get them there. 

The outer envelope 

Last but not least, the outer envelope ties your suite all together. It’s an awesome place to make a statement. May I suggest using calligraphy or white ink digital printing on a dark colored envelope? Your guests will no doubt be saying “wow” when they get that invitation in the mail. Even if calligraphy isn’t in the budget, your stationer can design and print the addresses to exactly match the look of your invitation so it is all 100% cohesive. Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a colored envelope that matches your wedding color palette. There are dozens of beautiful color options that add that extra touch of customization to your invitation suite. 

Although tradition may call for some additional inserts, these are the main pieces we see our couples using. Feel free to add more as necessary, but if you are looking for the essentials, these are it! 

Happy planning & enjoy the process!

Annette FurioComment