Ways to Word Your RSVP Card

RSVP cards have some heavy lifting to do.

They are your primary method of knowing who exactly is coming to your big wedding day, what they are eating, and who has special requests for their meals. Some couples also indicate that you can RSVP online as well. Eventually we might move to a primary method of online RSVPs, but this year, the paper response card is here to stay. Here are some ideas on how to write it.


  • Please Reply

  • Kindly Reply

  • Please RSVP

  • Reply


  • Kindly reply by [date]

  • Please reply by [date]

  • The favor of your reply is requested by [date]

  • The favor of your response is requested by [date]

  • The favour of your reply is requested by [date]

Accept / Decline indicators: 

  • Gladly accepts

  • Accepts with pleasure

  • Happily accepts

  • Joyfully accepts

  • Accepts

  • Will happily attend

  • Will be there to celebrate

  • Can’t wait to celebrate

  • Regretfully declines

  • Declines with regret

  • Declines regretfully

  • Declines

  • Will sadly miss it

  • Will toast from afar

  • Will cheers from afar

  • Sorry to miss it

Number attending (optional): 

  • Total attending

  • Total guests attending

  • Total guests

  • Number of guests

  • No. of guests

  • We have __ seat(s) reserved in your honor

  • ___ seat(s) have been reserved in your honor

  • ___ seat(s) have been reserved for your party

Name indication:

  • M___

  • Name(s)___

  • Attendee(s) ___

Meals & Special Instructions (if applicable):

  • Initial next to your meal of choice

  • Please indicate the number of vegetarian or vegan meals (list vegetarian and vegan as meal options)

  • Please initial the entrée selection for each guest

  • Please initial next to your meal choice

  • Please initial next to your desired entrée

  • Please initial if you would prefer a vegetarian meal

  • Please indicate your meal choice below

  • Please indicate any dietary restrictions

  • Please note any dietary preferences

  • Special Requests

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