5 Tips to Help You Conquer Thank-You Notes


Summer weddings are a wrap and Fall weddings are just around the corner. After the bubbly has been popped, the vows exchanged and the rings polished, it’s now just you and your new spouse... and a stack of thank you cards to write. Let us help get you organized.

1. Order Your Thank-You Stationery ASAP

  • You’re engaged! As you’ll soon find out, you may start getting congratulatory gifts as soon as you post that engagement announcement on social. Get ready for engagement party gifts, shower gifts, bach party gifts, and of course – wedding gifts! Have stationery on hand EARLY so you can get your thank you writing started without falling behind. 

  • Early on, the stationery doesn’t need to necessary match the exact feel of the wedding if you haven’t established that just yet. Order 25 nice, simple thank you’s that fit your style for gifts you get ahead of the shower. After you start to design your wedding invitations, make sure you order to match your suite. 

  • If you’d like to include a photo from your wedding day on your thank you cards, ask your photographer to send you 5-10 “previews” that you could use on your cards. Send your chosen photo to your stationer as soon as possible so they can print your thank you cards! 

2. Plan of Action

  • For gifts received before the wedding, send notes no longer than two weeks after receiving them.

  • For gifts received at the wedding, send notes within three months.

  • If you ARE in fact pretty late in sending, don’t even mention that in the card. Carry on, nothing to see here.

  • Write in batches. Set aside chunks of time over several days to feel more accomplished instead of overwhelmed. Set a goal for each day or week. And make it a team effort! 

  • If several people participated in buying one gift, each person gets a thank-you.

  • Send a thank you even if the guest did not bring a gift but did attend the wedding.

3. Workspace

  • Set aside a designated work space to feel less overwhelmed. Make sure it’s well-lit with plenty of space if you can. You could even light a candle if it makes you feel calm or put on your favorite tunes. Anything to make it more enjoyable. 

  • Thank-yous should be handwritten, so you should purchase nice pens in blue or black ink. Test to make sure it won’t smear or bleed through your chosen paper stock.

  • Don’t forget stamps! A forever stamp will be perfect for your thank you cards.

4. Guest List Address Book

  • Make sure this is up-to-date before beginning thank-yous.

  • If you have a spreadsheet for wedding addresses (we highly recommend this!), add column you can check off if someone gives you a gift, another column for when the thank-you is written, third column for when the thank-you is sent. The more organized, the better! 

  • Have your stationer print pre-addressed envelopes for your thank you cards. They will already have your addresses from the addressing process for the invitations. This will cut additional time off writing each thank-you card. And we all know time is money.

5. What to Write

  • Make sure to distinguish within the thank-you if the person attended the wedding shower, wedding, etc.

  • You and your new spouse should each sign the thank-you.

  • If you didn’t love the gift, focus on your overall gratefulness/appreciation of the guest(s) and the time they shared with you instead of the gift itself.

  • Each note should be personalized to the guest who gave you the gift. Make sure to specifically mention the gift. 

  • If you received money, don’t specifically mention the amount.  

  • Get it done in three lines: 

    • Thank for coming to wedding and/or sending a gift

    • Mention how you plan to use gift and how grateful you are

    • Wish them well and mention a specific time you look forward to seeing them.

You can now get back to your Netflix and Chilling (you’ll have some new found free time now that the big day is behind you)!

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