The Pro Experience Cleveland: The Knot + Wedding Wire’s Workshop for Professionals


When my great friend Lauren Nolan (brand and marketing expert at The Knot Worldwide) put a bug in my ear that The Pro Experience by the Knot + Wedding Wire was going to be in my hometown Cleveland, I was thrilled. I knew anything put on by The Knot would be top-notch. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. 

Attendees entered The Madison, an industrial venue space east of downtown Cleveland, welcomed by a delightful, colorful, picture-perfect displays designed by A Charming Fete, a luxury wedding planning company. Everything was a photo-op. A breakfast display. A donut wall display. The cutest pour-over coffee station you ever did see. A classic car spouting out balloons…

As we took our seats for the start of the conference, I looked around and felt excited and proud to be part of an inspiring, creative, beautiful and highly-personalized industry. My peers around me aim to provide the best product or service they can for events that truly matter: weddings. 

Here is a just a little bit of what I learned in July. I hope wedding pros and engaged couples alike can learn a thing or two as well! Enjoy!


On audience:

  • Gen Z is highly interested in the personalization aspect of their wedding.

  • They are 80% more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.

  • They are also focused on starting their own traditions and bringing in elements on their “couple” personality.

On brand:

  • Your brand is how you make the couple feel.

  • Couples are looking for brands that are inclusive, engaged on social media, has recent reviews and a ‘fresh’ look.

  • Don’t let your content (on social, website, Google listing, etc.) get outdated.

  • Be consistent everywhere.

On social media:

  • Show couples content that makes them think, “I want that for my wedding.”

  • Your current couples expect to see themselves on your social media.

  • Show your process.

On selling:

  • Ask couples better questions. Couples should be the ones talking in the meeting. What are they prioritizing? What are they dreaming about for their wedding day?

  • Don’t rush the process – this is (probably) the first time they are doing it.

  • If you’re not excited about their wedding, they aren’t going to hire you.

On reviews:

  • ⅓ of couples will need a reminder to do a review.

  • Don’t be afraid to have peer vendors refer you!

  • 90% of consumers seek out and read reviews.

  • Ask for a 5-star review if you know you gave them a 5-star experience — be specific.

  • Ask for the review shortly after they have received the product or service deliverable.

  • If you were reviewed negatively, respond in a positive way.

On vendor relationships:

  • Stay relevant with your peer vendors and cast a wide net.

  • Get to know everyone.

  • Network outside the wedding industry. 

On LGBTQ equality:

  • Use inclusive language in your website, marketing materials and social media.

  • Many terms in the wedding industry are gender-specific. Change these where you can (IE: “Bridal Party → Wedding Party, The Bride & Groom → The Couple”)

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